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Why You Need a Professional Leasing Consultant?

It is staggering what 5% can do for your profitability when your attention to detail is everywhere on your business. 5% can make a HUGE difference!

-George Bocska

Save Serious Money

Without a thorough understanding of the fundamental metrics that leasing executives and shopping centre operation managers live by, individuals attempting to negotiate their lease agreements regularly end up paying more than is necessary. You'll save money.

Identify New Store Locations

Seeking out new locations is time consuming once you consider all of the variables. Box size/ configuration, maximum frontage, customer traffic flow, ceiling heights, product grouping synergy, rental comparisons, incentives and other deliverables - all of this before you consider price p/m2.

Feasibility Study

We can help you with your Feasibility study some metrics include: net & gross rates paid by other retailers; performance ranking; category sales within the centre, benchmarked; comparison rentals vs surrounding retailers; ratio of your sales vs group category sales and other factors. Feel confident in your decision.

Detailed Research

We can help you research retail expansion by compiling data on: precinct viability for your chosen category; identify risk or opportunity by benchmarking category performance against merchandising standards regionally; assessing synergistic suitability for your product within the selected precinct.

Professional Lease Negotiation

With us doing your Lease negotiations you have more time to do what you do best – run your business more profitably and be able to focus on strategies to increase and improve SALES and MARKETING.

Our clients often report that attempting to negotiate leases individually can be draining, confrontational, and can leave you feeling despondent as well as perhaps alienating the Landlord. Not a good idea!
Leave it to us. We’ll make sure you are adequately and professionally represented.

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