Renewal Negotiations

Don't just sign the new proposed lease. Your ability to save BIG is there for the negotiating. 

Renewing your lease is not simply a rubber stamp exercise... We, firmly believe that each lease renewal is an opportunity to negotiate for more favourable outcomes and ultimately save money as well as increase profitability.
But how?
We specialise in identifying the key metrics which will shed light on your renewal. We then compile this information in an easily legible document and then we can represent you when we present it to the property manager or shopping centre manager in order to negotiate favourable terms for you in your new lease.
Having a team comprised of energetic professionals including former retail shop managers; general managers of department stores; shopping centre managers; property managers; leasing executives; project managers and marketing managers, enables us to provide the right advice when required.
Alleviate the tension, stress and worry, leave your renewal negotiations to us, we’ll make sure you are properly represented and leave you free to pursue your sales, marketing and other objectives.